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November 2001

This web site or any of the links from it are not intended as a replacement for medical care.  To this end we are unable to offer any information regarding specific medical conditions/diagnosis.  Every effort has been made to make sure the info on this site is accurate CHORLEYS ANGELS can’t accept liability for any of the information supplied by the links on this site.  Chorleys Angels is not a charity, neither is it able to offer monetary assistance for visitors suffering financial hardship as a result of their diagnosis.

Breast Cancer Care is the national organisation offering information and support to those affected by breast cancer. Services are free and confidential and include a national helpline where callers can talk to a nurse or trained volunteer, the freephone number is 0808 800 6000. There is also a text phone and a language translation facility. The organisation currently produces seven booklets and over 30 factsheets, covering a range of topics along with a quarterly newsletter. All the publications are free and also available on We also offer one to one support from our volunteers, healthy living days and telephone support groups.

The Lavender Trust works in conjunction with Breast Cancer Care. It is raises money for Breast Cancer Care to provide services for younger women. These include my post as the younger women’s breast care nurse and:


  • Younger women volunteers that are at least two years after finishing their treatment 
  • Opening of the helpline on a Saturday morning to allow callers more flexibility 
  • Publications aimed at younger women, for example Breast cancer and fertility, Ovarian ablation and Zoladex. New publications include a younger women’s leaflet and a booklet on Talking with your children about breast cancer. 
  • Telephone support groups give younger women the chance to talk


Telephone support groups are a unique way of meeting other younger women. They are held every week for one hour and it gives the chance for younger women to meet others in a similar situation. It allows you to talk about what is most important to you – treatments, the side effects and how others cope with them, how you might be feeling or how to talk with your children, family or friends. They are held throughout the year and run for a total of eight weeks.

A major project for 2002 is a younger women’s forum in October. It will be a unique opportunity for younger women diagnosed with breast cancer to meet others in a similar situation. Although the programme is not finalised, you will be able to meet other younger women, get information, learn from others and also have some fun. We plan to have an overnight stay in a hotel and aim to provide some funding to ensure as many can attend as possible.

This would be the first of its kind in the United Kingdom. Breast Cancer Care would like to hear what you as younger women would like, what you felt you needed at certain times following your diagnosis, if you would you like to help others in a similar situation or if you are doing that already like Gillian is with the website.

If you would like to know more about the forum or the services that Breast Cancer Care provide, then please email me on or phone 020 7384 2984 x204.

Lisa Grosser

Younger Women’s Breast Care Nurse

November 2001