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Allow me to introduce myself my name is Yvonne Barlow, and I would like to give you some information on wigs. I am sure most of you will hate the idea of wearing one, so I hope to make you feel more comfortable about trying one to help you through your treatment until your hair grows back.

First of all I would like to tell you a little about myself and the services I offer.  I have a retail shop in Blackpool, Lancashire specialising in wigs for women, men and children.  Over the 20 years I have been supplying wigs on the NHS, I have come into contact with a lot of women undergoing chemotherapy, so I understand the misgivings about the idea of wearing one.

It is advisable to bring someone with you to choose your style of wig, preferably family or a close friend, their opinion is always appreciated but, at the end of the day you must feel happy with the style yourself.

Some ladies go for a complete change of look, others like to look as much like their usual style as possible. If you normally have long hair we recommend that you have it cut short before you start your treatment, it is easier to cope with as your hair starts falling, also its easier to look after a short style wig if you are not used to one, also you can stop wearing it sooner as your own hair begins to grow back.

Fortunately, for many wig wearers out there they have improved greatly, they are very lightweight, the fibre's are very fine and hair like and the colours are very natural, not just one flat colour but a few blended together like human hair. The style choice today is amazing from the classic to the very latest modern look. Quite a few ladies buy them for a change of style or colour, they are great for holidays and quick hairdo for the unexpected invitations at the last minute!

From time to time we get the odd celebrity in from the shows in Blackpool. Faith Brown has been appearing at Opera House in Sunset Boulevard for a few weeks, she called in the shop and bought a very trendy spiky style in bark brown with blonde and red streaks at the front and looked great in it.

I understand its different when you are not wearing a wig by choice and quite often some ladies get upset when they first try one on but, most feel happy about their “new look” after they have tried on a few different styles and if you look at the plus factors there are no more bad hair days even if you get caught in the wind and rain your hairstyle is not ruined, it just brushes back into shape again.  Some of the styles come in average and petite sizes but the majority just come in average so we remove some of the wefts to make them fit properly. They can also be cut and styled to suit your own requirements.



When you take your wig out of the box - it will not look like the style pictured in the brochure. Cup your hands inside the wig at the crown and nape, and give it a good shake.  This “wakes” up the fibres.


Hold the wig with one hand gripping the back of the wig at the label, and the other hand holding the centre of the front hairline. Tilt your head forward and slip on the wig from front to back.  Slide the wig back until the front edge is even with your front hairline. Then use ear tabs to adjust from side to side, centering the wig. Use Velcro adjusters at the back in the nape, to get a comfortable fit.


Relax and have fun! Experiment with your style to get the look that’s right for you. Trying to get hair in place can make your style look “wiggy” a more casual look is always more natural.  A lot of styles just need a good shake and they are ready to wear.  Others will need more styling with a wig brush, a regular comb and brush will stretch your wig fibres and loosen the curl. If you have chosen a wig with “styling flexibility” don’t be afraid to try different looks using your wig styling brush.  To finish your style and hold it in place, use a wig holding spray (if required), never use regular hairspray, styling gels and mousse - they will leave film that attract dirt and dust.


A tight curly style - give the wig a good shake, lift and separate the curls with an afro comb or style with your fingers.  Do not brush.

Wavy and loose curls - lightly brush using short lifting strokes, just enough to relax and shape your style.

Straight - Lightly brush with long even strokes, from the crown to the ends for a smooth, sleek look.

It takes a little time to get used to your new style.  You may not feel quite right about it the first time you see it on. Take a few days to get used to seeing the new you.  Walk past a mirror a few times, ask a close friend or family member to give you their opinion.



Before you wash, gently brush out the tangles and hair spray.  For tight curly or all over curl, do not use a brush - finger pick thoroughly and gently remove tangles. In a sink or basin, mix wig shampoo with tepid water and immerse wig. Gently swirl and let soak for 5 minutes. Rinse wig in cold water until all wig shampoo is removed.


Wrap in a towel and gently pat out excess water. DO NOT TWIST, OR BRUSH YOUR WIG WHILE WET.  Gently fluff your damp wig. Allow to air dry on a wig stand. For a healthy shine spray on your spray conditioner.


We recommend that you apply spray conditioner to your wig each time you have worn it and then always keep it in its box until the next time its put on, this will stop the fibre from drying out and looking thick and dull, it also prolongs the life of your wig.



Angular jaw line is the same width as the forehead.  Try a short style that is wavy on top. The wispy edges soften a wide forehead and strong jaw line.


Well proportioned, with length of face longer than width.  Try any style.  A classic oval shaped face looks great with all styles.  Perhaps a longer style with a few graduated layers around the face.


Full cheeks with a circular form.  Go longer with lots of soft curls, a layered style, or a classic page.  Layers on top with longer tresses at the back elongate your face.


Slender face with narrow chin. Try a chic bob or a bob with waves or soft curls on the top and sides.  This style tends to round out your face.


Narrow forehead with wide chin.  Try a shapely layered look or a curly style.  Heavy fringe and layers build fullness on top to soften a wider crown. Hair should be layered all around and tapered in back and at the sides.


Wide forehead, high cheekbones, narrow v-shape chin. Try a short and smart elfin crop that is wedged or tapered at the neck.  The long wispy fringe softens a rounded and peaked forehead, layers are long at the crown, graduated at the sides, and tapered at the nape of neck.

I do hope that this information has been of some interest, if any of you have any questions or need any advice please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Yvonne Barlow

171a Church Street



Tel/Fax: 01253 624977