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Complimentary Therapist - Sally Griffiths M.I.C.H.T.

I work as a Complimentary Therapist at Harmonious Healthcare.  This means that the therapies which I practice can be performed alongside conventional medicine - not as an alternative.


My training has educated me on a wide range of therapies which allows me to select the most appropriate treatment for you.


Headaches are an excellent example of this statement.  Depending on the nature and frequency of the headache, I may chose to practice Aromatherapy using Peppermint or Rosemary essential oils on the skin or through the nose. Alternatively, I may perform a massage to relax the muscles which cause headaches. Perhaps Reflexology may be the best treatment as I have access to the Hormones which are often the cause of headaches.


Often Reiki is the best choice because Headaches are the result of worry or tension in the mind.  Hopi Ear Candles are the best choice for you if the root of the problem is in the ear, nose or throat or perhaps an imbalance of pressure in the ears.


This is why I enjoy my job as a Therapist so much! It is the most varied interesting and challenging job in which I am working for the good of the individual in an holistic way.


I can be contacted at Harmonious Healthcare for further information on any of the above mentioned therapies or health problems.

Sally Griffiths M.I.C.H.T.