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April 2002

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Being Preston Race for Life Ambassador for 2002 is quite an honour for me and I am very proud to be promoting the Race for Life in the Preston Area.  I have entered a team “Chorleys Angels” to date there are 20 members signed up.  If you are interested in entering the race for life in your area then why not visit the web site.  You can find out about the location and dates of all the races, enter on line, message board and lots of other Race for Life information.

Some of the Chorleys Angels team launched the Preston Race for Life, for more details about the race watch the local press for details.

In support of this event I have decided to re-run Anne Sweeney’s Article.




I am sure that most of you who look at this website will have heard of the Imperial cancer Research Fund’s Race For Life.

If you have not then I will explain in brief what it is about, my role and different ways that you too can be part of what has become the largest ever event in the UK that only women can take part in.

Race for Life is a national fundraising series of 5km walks and runs, exclusively for women of all ages and fitness abilities, to raise money for pioneering research into cancers which affect women. 

Many of the women who participate in Race for Life have a strong personal reason for doing so, having either experienced cancer themselves, or they may be participating in support of a friend or family member who has had the disease.  A unique feature about Race for Life is that it really is open to all women.  They do not have to be super fit to take part - they can run, jog, walk or even stroll the 5km course, and as such, it is attended by girls from 2 years of age, up to women of 97!  Quite frequently, there may be several generations of the same family taking part, usually supported by husbands, brothers, sons and fathers, and it is a day of celebration and remembrance, personal goals and teamwork.

 The Race For Life started in 1994 with one event in Battersea Park where 680 women took part. In 1995, 6 were organised in the UK, in 1996 there were 12 organised by the Imperial Cancer Research Fund and a 13th in Preston, which the Council organised. At that time I was a Recreation Officer with Preston Borough Council and ran as a hobby. The Director of Preston had recently had cancer and it was his idea that we Preston have a Race For Life and he persuaded the Imperial Cancer to allow one in Preston because he needed an enthusiastic Officer to organise it! In this first year we had 620 women take part and I was asked if I would like to become part of a team to make this event happen throughout the UK. The rest as they say is history with 100 Races this coming series and 4 in Lancashire. I manage all the Races in the North West of England but includes the Isle Of Man and Rhyl

For a comprehensive history please do look at the web site

5 years later I have learned I have so much experience of people’s motivation, aims, generosity and determination through their involvement in Race For Life and so feel qualified to list the ways these have been exhibited. This is shown in the ways they have taken part, obtained support and raised money all of which goes directly into research into cancers affecting women and so if you are considering it then here are some ideas.

 ·       Ask friends, family and colleagues to join you and form a team or group.

·       Ask your employers to either sponsor you, pay for your work team, match your sponsorship £ for £ - pointing out the publicity they will get.

·       Train for the event – use it to get fit for and make new friends in the process. (There have been so many friendships formed as a result of Race For Life)

·       If you just want to be involved but not take part – you can volunteer to help on the day – or be the coordinating team manager.

·       Volunteer the services of your family – husband, brother, son – this is how men support Race For Life.

·       Ask your non participating colleagues to sponsor you.

·       Pass on the details to as many friends who work in other companies, belong to a society or have a contact in some other organisation and encourage them to get involved

·       Pass on our website address and ask people to just send a few minutes looking at it.

 What women have said after being involved

 ·       They feel that they have helped in a small way to raise money and further research, which is continually making significant advances.

·       They feel fitter because they have trained for it – either training to walk it faster or training to run it.

·       They have met other women and made new friends. With 160,000 women taking part last year women who meet each other in other walks of life have an immediate bond through their mutual participation.

·       The event has given those who have had cancer, their family or friends a purpose and something to aim for.

I am sure that all of you that have logged onto this web site have felt really supported and inspired by its messages ad information. (I know that did especially because it is so personal)

Please also do look the Cancer Research UK Race For Life web site and think about taking part in Race For Life for next year ( I know that Chorleys Angels will be entering a team again – you could aim to have the largest web site team taking part! – just an idea) or giving your support in one of the ways I have mentioned. A full list of all 100 events including the 4 in Lancashire is on the web site – as a lady who took part in Preston said last year ‘What is an hour out of anyone’s life to make a difference’ I promise you that you will be pleased that you did.

Anne Sweeney